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REVISED INVENTORY:             Hunting knives

MORE ARIVING NEXT WEEK   Gun bags, scope ring
                                                    many other items 

GUNS IN STOCK       AS OF 4/3/2020
AR-15's; Custom
HIGH end componenets. 6.8SPC & .458 socom
Ruger Blackhawk .44m
double tap derringer, .45acp
NAA revolver 22M
CZ=75B, NAA guardian in .32, & .380
D.EAGLE .50. L6 al. frame. w/260rds &extra mags
EAA Witness .38super.
Keltec plr .22,  
(lwr, pic)
2 folding chiappas .22lr,.22m
 ATA  MP40P, 9mm W/ wood crate

Hard to find guns and light gunsmithing, York Co. ME. All outdoor gear at low prices. Outstanding personal service. We want to be your Go To Outdoor supplier


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